Please complete the self-assesment to determine program eligibility

The following questions will help you decide if the HomeKeeper Program may be right for you.

Are you a homeowner in one of the following circumstances?

Within the past 36 months have you:

  • Become unemployed which caused you to fall behind on your mortgage?
  • Received unemployment compensation benefits?
  • Become underemployed (experienced a drop in income of at least 15% from prior or existing employment income) which caused you to fall behind on your mortgage?  
  • Regained employment but need help covering arrearages (back payments)?
Can you answer YES to ALL of these questions?
    1. Is your home located in the State of New Jersey?
    2. Is your home your primary residence?
    3. Is your home a one- or two-unit residential property?
    4. Do you owe no more than $429,619 in total mortgage debt (or, if you have a two-unit home, no more than $550,005)?
    5. Does your total monthly mortgage payment include an amount for principal, interest and taxes?
    6. Is your home the only residential real estate that you own?
    7. Are you clear at this time of any involvement in any bankruptcy application or proceeding?
    8. Are you low on available savings and other financial resources (no more than nine months' worth of mortgage payments)?  
      Exclusions apply for retirement and educational investment accounts.
    9. Is your mortgage servicer (bank) listed as "participating" on our servicer list?
      Please review the list here - it will note both participating and non-participating servicers.

If you can answer YES to ALL of the questions,
you are encouraged to apply by clicking on the button below.

You will be taken to our secure application

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If you cannot answer YES to ALL the questions, we encourage you to learn about other New Jersey Assistance Programs that may be able to help you.

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