Thank you for your interest in the NJ HomeSaver Program.

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency has created the New Jersey Home Saver Program to leverage Hardest Hit Fund funds to facilitate a refinance, recast, or permanent modification of the first mortgage loan through a principal reduction and/or reinstatement payment to bring the household monthly payment to an affordable level.

The State of New Jersey, the Department of Community Affairs and the New Jersey Housing Mortgage Finance Agency remain committed to assisting New Jersey homeowners avoid foreclosure and therefore encourage you to visit the website at for further housing assistance and/or to visit a HUD certified Housing Counseling Agency located within your area. A list of HUD Counseling Agencies can be located on the website.

The program is funded through a federal grant from the United States Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund, awarded to states most impacted by unemployment and underemployment. The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) is the official administrator of the program for the State of New Jersey.

Fraud Alert: Homeowners will never be asked to pay a fee for any New Jersey Hardest Hit Fund program. If you are asked to pay a fee or suspect fraud or misrepresentation related to a NJ Hardest Hit Fund program or representative, you are encouraged to contact our office at 1-855-647-7700, or by email at, or at the following mailing address: NJHMFA, 637 South Clinton Ave, P.O. Box 18550, Trenton, NJ 08650, Attn: HHF Program Manager.

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